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KretaRaki tsikoudia


Tsikoudia is a distilled Cretan spirit deriving from high-quality grapes. It takes time for the process to complete, which only adds to the whole experience. Vineyards are located in Kato Asites village within the district of Malevizio. What makes grapes so delicious is a combination of things. The distinct weather conditions feature abundant sunlight and mild temperatures by the sea throughout the year. The special soil properties enriched with clay ensures the ideal conditions in viticulture.


After the grape harvest and alcoholic fermentation, it is that time of the year when distillation takes place. Grapes boil slowly in a sealable metal cauldron called “kazani”. This is when magic happens, as tsikoudia incorporates all the rich flavors and fragrances. Through that process our tsikoudia brings out its rich, deep aromas and spicy flavor.

Get together over a glass of tsikoudia and be part of a long-lasting ritual aged back to antiquity


Each bottle is sealed and packaged with utmost care, so that it can be transported easily and effectively. A final check and our favorite tsikoudia is ready to be shipped and deliver joy to every single part of the world.

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Discover all of the products of KretaRaki and dive into a world of tradition