The perfect fusion of Cretan raki and honey


KretaRaki Meli


Both raki and honey are world-renowned products of the Cretan land. They encompass the pure essence of Crete and, when combined, they offer an irresistible product. Kretaraki honey or else rakomelo is the splendid fusion of grape varieties from our vineyards and organic honey from the mountainous terrain of the island. It is a spirit that awakens the senses and brings joy to those who taste it.


Rakomelo is a perfectly balanced drink with a particular sweet scent, thanks to the honey. Although you can taste it literally 24/7, it is perfect after dinner and accompanied with nuts and fruits. Besides its wonderful taste, rakomelo is also popular as a natural healer that cures sore throat and any type of common cold.

Have a taste of pure sweet Cretan rakomelo, enjoying a spirit that is worthy of the Gods


Packaging takes place with attention to detail, always with 100% standardization in mind. After sealing and packaging the bottles, Kretaraki honey is ready to be shipped everywhere offering a unique experience to the world.

Discover all of the products of KretaRaki and dive into a genuine experience of tasteful, quality Cretan raki

Discover all of the products of KretaRaki and dive into a world of tradition