Crete meets the world in a bottle




It all starts in the vineyards. The popular variety Cabernet Sauvignon has been cultivated in the Cretan land and is now used to create an amazing product. With special care and love, we have created a unique distilled drink from this distinctive international grape variety. Time goes by slowly and patiently, enabling the vinification to complete and give its place to the subsequent distillation.


When you sip on Kretaraki Cabernet, special notes of spices surprise your palate, along with scents of chocolate and coffee beans. We take particular pride in this product, which is part of our efforts to blend timeless tradition along with modern techniques and ends with an explosion of flavors in your mouth.

Cretan raki gets an international twist of Cabernet that leads to an explosion of flavors


The end product includes carefully packaged bottles, ready to be shipped as per your requests to spread the word of supreme liquid bliss to the world!

Discover all of the products of KretaRaki and dive into a genuine experience of tasteful, quality Cretan raki

Discover all of the products of KretaRaki and dive into a world of tradition