Elevating globally the Cretan tsikoudia

We introduce raki and its byproducts to the world, always with respect to tradition and following cutting-edge technology to ensure the end result.

THE company

20 years of excellence
live on

the beginning

Our story dates back to 2000, when Diamantakis and Stamatakis families joined forces and established DS DISTILLERS. Both families were renowned distillers, with a rich history and flawless know-how in the field. Today, DS DISTILLERS is a contemporary distilling unit in Crete. Right in the heart of Malevizio just outside Kato Asites village in Heraklion, the unit boasts its privileged location in an area of long-standing history in viticulture, wine and distillate making.

our cause

Our aim is to offer products of the finest quality standards and this goal is directly connected with the continuous care of our vineyards, as well as the fields of our collaborating producers. This allows us to ensure the optimal quality of materials, which in turn provides the perfect outcome.

All the milestones of the company so far have been completed with utmost consistency and respect towards consumers. Our efforts have always focused on elevating Greek spirits and especially Cretan distilled drinks and placing them where they truly belong, at the top.


Due to the increasingly upward trajectory of the consumption and overall demand in rakomelo traditional drink, our company introduced its very own rakomelo back in 2008 and has launched the product in three distinct, aesthetically pleasing packages.


As for the company’s strength abroad, we are happy to report that our products are already exported in Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Scandinavia, Cyprus, USA, Canada and Australia.

We make sure to maintain the same quality standards that have driven us so far

THE people behind

We preserve the heritage, inspired by the same level of commitment as the older generations

Sharing the same core principles and infused by the same level of dedication, our second generation takes over and we could not feel prouder about that. Fresh ideas and even stronger determination to succeed, both of which are elements that ensure the vision DS DISTILLERS lives on.

Stamataki Mary

CEO / Administration Manager

Stamatakis giorgos

Marketing Director

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